Using the NAT

Choose the UMLS version and Sources

To start using the NAT, choose a UMLS version from the Logo Panel. The default is 2010AA. If you want to specify which sources in this UMLS database will be used, you can click on the "sources" button to check/uncheck sources.

Search/Select a Focus Concept

The core feature of the NAT is the focus concept. The default concept is Unified Medical Language System, C0085567. There are several ways to select a new focus concept:

The search panel provides four methods to search for a concept in the database by name. See more in the Option panel.

When you double-click on the Focus Concept Panel, you can type in the full or partial name of a concept and hit enter or click the checkmark to load it.

View Related Contents of the Focus Concept

Once a concept has been selected, parents/children/synonyms/relationships and the concept definition panels will all reload with appropriate data for the current concept. You can customize what information is displayed in the Options panel under the Display Options tab. You can also filter and expand the panels using the buttons in the upper-right corners of the panel or on their tabs.

View Semantic Types