Synonyms/Relationships Panels

Synonyms Panel

The Synonyms Panel is to the left of focus concept. This panel only displays the names and sources of synonyms of the current focus concept.

Relationships Panel

This panel displays lateral (semantic) relationships of the focus concept. It contains 3 tabs, they are:

This shows lateral relationships (not PAR/CHD relationships). Relationships are between atoms in the UMLS, but each atom is associated with a concept. What is shown here is the relationship attribute, if there is one, and then, inside of the arrow, the UMLS relationship type. To the right of the arrow is the preferred term of the concept that lies on the other side of the relationship from the focus concept.

This displays the siblings of the focus concept. These are the siblings asserted explicitly by the UMLS.

Display computed siblings - Another definition of sibling that is often useful in auditing is “the child of my parent” relationship. The ‘Display Computed Siblings’ checkbox allows the user to show the siblings found using this more general definition.


It was previously mentioned that relationships actually exist between atoms. The terms of the atoms are often not the preferred terms of the concepts. It is useful when auditing to be able to see the actual terms and relationship in the context of the source. The Term Relationships tab displays the actual term that corresponds to the focus concept, then the relationship, then the term on the other side of the relationship, and finally the source from which the relationship is derived.

Here are the definitions of the relation abbreviations




Parent relationship


Child relationship


Broader relationship


Narrower relationship


Other relationship, not synonymous, narrower or broader


Sibling relationship in Metathesaurus


Related, possible synonym


Source asserted synonyms


Allowed qualifier