Parent/Children Panel

The “Parents and Grandparents” panel by default lists the parent concepts of the focus concept. The children panel by default lists the children of the current focus concept. You can double-click on one of these concepts to make it the new focus concept or alt+left-click on one to bring up a diagram of the Semantic Network centered on its semantic type.


Show Grandparents/Grandchildren Selections

A focus concept may have many grandparents or grandchildren, by default they are not loaded together with the parents and children. However, you can check the boxes at the top of these panels to display these concepts as well.

In the parents panel, grandparents are aligned to the left side, and parents are indented to the right. When you have a list of grandparents followed by a parent, the concepts in that list are the parents of the following parent of the focus concept.


In the children panel, children are aligned to the left with the list of their grandchildren following, indented to the right.


For Example in the screenshot above:

Parents and Children panels are both filterable and expandable, (you can read more about that in Public Functions section at this page).