Focus Concept Panel

This panel displays the concept currently being examined.

Concept Display

This is an example of a concept you could find in the UMLS:

This is the focus conceptís preferred term.

This is the semantic type of the concept. Multiple types, if they exist, are displayed in a list separated by commas.

These are the sources in the UMLS which contain the focus concept.

This is the Concept Unique Identifier (or CUI) for the focus concept.

These concept attributes in colored text can be enabled/disabled in display options. See Option section for details.

the icon stands for concept in this panel is one of children in upper panel (parents panel) .


Input concept

To change the current focus concept, you can double-click on the focus concept panel and type in the full or partial name of the preferred term for the concept. If there are multiple concepts which contain that text, a selection dialog will pop up to allow you to choose one.

There are several ways to change the concept in the focus concept panel, please see using the NAT for more details.


Unselected sources warning

By default, if one or more sources which contain the chosen concept are unselected, a dialog box will pop up to notify the user.

At least one source containing the chosen concept must be checked in the Source Selection list in order to display the concept (click here to get information about how to view/edit this list).

Back/forward buttons

These allow you to navigate through your history of previously selected focus concepts.