Bug Reporting and Troubleshooting

If you would like to provide us with detailed information about a bug, please follow this procedure:

Note that this procedure is not required for reporting bugs but is helpful to us in resolving them.

Please report all bugs to Christopher Ochs:



Q: I can't launch the NAT

A: In order to use the NAT you will need to have the Java Runtime Environment Version 1.6 or newer installed and working on your computer. You can download the correct version at this link here. If you still have problems when installing the NAT, please contact us.

Q: How can I obtain an account for the NAT?

A: Please contact Dr. James Geller at geller@njit.edu.

Q: I can open the NAT but all panels just show "please wait..."

A: The NAT uses the UMLS database stored on NJIT's server, so this problem might be a temporary problem with the server, or it may be caused by your internet connection or firewall. Please check your internet connection and make sure you can connect to nat.njit.edu. Also, make sure your firewall is not interfering with the program. If the problem persists, please send your console information to us using the method described above.

If you have questions about the NAT which are not listed above please contact Dr. James Geller: